Lindsay Lohan Red Hair Is Back Again After 'Liz & Dick' Wraps (PHOTO)

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We'll admit we may have overreacted when Lindsay Lohan returned to her redheaded roots in March. She's back on track, we declared, returning to the days of "Mean Girls," a healthy lifestyle and no scandals.

One highway collision, one bizarre health scare and several outrageous Terry Richardson pics later, it seems that hanging our hopes on the red hair was a bit premature. So we'll scale back the expectations this time: Lindsay Lohan's gone red yet again... and we're just happy to see that it's a color that suits her.

As X17Online.com reported, the actress headed to the salon after wrapping up "Liz & Dick," the much anticipated Lifetime's made-for-TV movie in which LiLo plays a brunette Liz Taylor. She emerged after five hours with a darker red 'do and then proceeded to party the night away out in L.A.

Because when it comes to hair and a wild party style, some things never change.

See Lindz's new color below and head to X17online.com for more photos.


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